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Vision Statement: Beauty Impact International Enterprise strives to connect culture and creativity of Africa to the world through fashion.. We are a social enterprise, that works to improve the lives of our manufacturers in Africa by paying fair wages per each item; not daily or hourly wages.

Mission Statement: To partner with suppliers in African countries to create high quality accessories and sell products to global market.

Value Proposition: Beauty Impact Accessories values creativity, culture, innovative leadership, sustainability, fair-trade manufacturing, appreciation of beauty & excellence. Beauty Impact Accessories provides access to creative chic fashion, excellent customer service, and product diversity in choice of your fashion voice. Beauty Impact Accessories embodies  its value proposition by selling products that are authentic fashionable accessories with cultural relevance.

Business Description:
Beauty Impact Accessories currently has partnerships with African manufacturers in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.  The manufacturers are responsible for providing direct shipping to the U.S. from Africa. In 2015, Beauty Impact Accessories launched its online store, and the following year (2016) opened a  showroom in St. Louis, MO.

Lead Production and Designer

Ruth Oforiwa Asante
Started business in the year 2013
clients doing business with outside the shores of Ghana.
Working with Brittany has opened up new designs and new opportunities to showcase the products. I am looking forward to more business opportunities and introducing new ideas and products into the international market through Beauty Impact Accessories.

Ruth has a team of six who she provides work with manufacturing products for Beauty Impact Accessories. 


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